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We are offering a line of products useful for identifying and marking the location of your garden plants. Our custom engraved aluminum stakes and plates are attractively engraved with your desired text. They are very long lasting and a permanent solution for marking your plantings. Unlike plastic tags/plates that become brittle and break, these labels will last many years.

In our garden, we have planted more than 1,000 varieties of Hosta plus hundreds of varieties of daylilies, astilbe, lilies, etc. The number of varieties has exceeded our ability to recall their names so many of our plants that were not properly labeled are now just another unknown attractive plant. We have purchased a number of commonly available plant labels but find that they fade in the sun, become brittle and break with time, are easily displaced during fall and spring cleanup, do not give a very attractive appearance in the landscape or are too expensive. In addition they fail to display the information that we wish to remember and present to our garden guests. To overcome these shortcomings we purchased a CO2 laser for "printing" the label information and began an engineering study on a large number of "laser-able" materials to select a permanent marker that is attractive and can be produced at a modest price. We have designed display-type signs that are mechanically mounted on a double post constructed of 1/8 inch diameter rigid galvanized steel wire rod, yielding an attractive sturdy sign.

Our custom engraved tags come in several sizes. Including a 5.5 inch long by .75 inch wide garden stake, which is perfect for one line of text. Our 5.5 inch by 1 inch metal stakes allows for a larger font or up to three lines of text. The non engraved side can also be marked with a soft pencil or a nursery marker if you want to add additional information.

The above picture shows our Engraved 3.5 x 2 inch plate with our 11 inch stake (it is the same as our Hosta Plate with 11 inch stake). We also have a 23 inch long, two-post stake, priced at 0.50 cents more per plate. The engraved plates are made of non rusting rigid aluminum and can be engraved with three or four lines of text. The sturdy 1/8 inch diameter stakes are non rusting galvanized steel, they will not bend during spring clean-up, during garden maintenance or when covered with mulches.
They are a great choice for display labeling, the black color looks neat and attractive in the landscape.

These metal stakes and plates have a number of advantages, they are long lasting, do not blow away in the wind, have a permanent and professional look, animals can't chew up them up. The black coated metal will not fade in the sun and the engraved text will not fade or wash away.

Above is our most popular selection, the 5.5 inch long by .75 inch wide stake with one line of text. The font size is large for easy reading and it is ideal for use in pots and the garden.

Above is the .75 x 5.5 inch metal stake with two lines of text. These attractive stakes are black on the engraved side and gray-white on the back. They are very useful for identifying seed sowings and plants grown in pots. They are long lasting and durable when used indoors and outdoors.

Above is the 1 x 5.5 inch metal stake with three lines of text. This stake is great if more information is needed; breeders can add parentage and dates of crosses and the stakes will last for years. When used with two lines of text the font size is large, so even those that do not have as good of eyesight as they once did, can label their plantings.

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